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ITALY/ JUVENTUS, Bouy might be loaned to Catania
According to latest rumours, Dutch Under-19 international midfielder Ouasim Bouy (19), currently on a deal with Juventus until June 2015 and playing for Primavera youth squad, might be loaned to Catania for 2012/13 season.


Juve 'must pay Giovinco's value'
Parma have again warned Juventus they will not get a discount on Sebastian Giovinco. “We invested in him when others wouldn’t and must be paid for his true value.”

The Atomic Ant is co-owned by the two clubs, who are in negotiations to decide whether he’ll go to Turin or Parma next season.

“Giovinco is co-owned and his overall worth must be divided in half,” general manager Pietro Leonardi told Sky Sport Italia this afternoon.

“If Juventus prove they have the right view of the player, then they will have an advantage in talks compared to other clubs.

“We invested in him when others wouldn’t and paid a big sum for this club’s standards. I don’t see why other clubs should not have to behave the same way.

“Parma paid €1m for the loan plus €3m to buy out half of his contract a year ago. I don’t see why Parma should have to pay when buying players, but once they are leaving the Tardini they are suddenly considered to be cheaper.

“The fact remains Parma do own half of Giovinco’s contract and if Juventus want him back then we must be paid for his true value.

“Giovinco is the best Italian player out there at the moment. Next week we’ll have a meeting and try to work out where we are in this situation.”

If the clubs cannot reach an agreement, the matter will go to a blind auction – both clubs put a bid in a sealed envelope and the highest offer wins the remaining 50 per cent of his contract.


The bomb Marotta: Off the top salary
In the stunning reality that is the transfer market, the mirror of human reality, gathering all possible behaviors, statements of managers and players have a value that is measured saputa. There are statements of fact, others who are real lies to not disclose the targets or deflect the press and to other fans. In the words of Marotta, most of the critics took the sting only to Inter for the conduct of Giovinco, but did not dwell on this step is crucial to outline the marketing strategy: "What we are looking for players which are included in this group winning, that is, players who are not primadonnas, players who have strong balances with its companions, not only from the point of view calcististico, but also from the economic point of view and other valence. " There In essence, a net closing to those players who require a high engagement and which have behaviors capricious. Then we take away from the radar market Van Persie, Suarez, Higuain, Tevez and Dzeko, who for one reason or another do not match this indentikit track from Marotta. Yet, the drafts from prosecutors and market driven we all had to identify the number one goal Van Persie, the Dutch had been in Turin, but Juventus evidently prefers to focus on other attackers. What? Here you enter the field of the hypothesis, but in recent days is gaining the ability to try to tear a gem in a direct rival, especially in terms of typhus. Young, talented, first or second striker, an expert in Italian football. A little 'as the two shots of Isla-Asamoah midfield, but if the name (which in the absence of reliable evidence is better not to do, but that is easy to discover) is just right, Marotta will have the proverbial sweat seven shirts before securing a certainty for the present and a star for the future.


Inter, Juve's no controversy over the mesh
The line has effectively dictated the Inter Massimo Moratti directly in companies and no one is going to depart. On Tuesday, the Inter president, met Andrea Agnelli at the event organized by Murdoch (in which he spoke well of Super League) and, upon leaving, said: "We joked about the 3 stars and the word that will put on mesh. "Already, the famous "30 on the field." Apparently it's okay to Moratti. It means it's time to soften the tone, avoiding the controversy of riding. When you spoke of a black and white jersey with 3 stars, however, his reaction was particularly harsh: "Let's see if the FIGC accepts the challenge, then all free. There will be a great imagination on the part of each team, as is their imagination. "And then that writing, accompanied by the complete absence of stars, is considered an acceptable compromise. Likely to have weighed in assessing the judgment of the Federation and the cones. Petrucci has acknowledged the same to the choice of Agnelli and Moratti, in turn, has decided to align. Perhaps this is really the first step toward thawing.

Also in Milan on Kongdobia
According to today's edition of Corriere dello Sport, could be a challenge on Juve-Milan defender Geoffrey Kongdobia promising class of 1993, strong and powerful property of the Lens. Kongdobia has already completed all the rigmarole of the National French youth, plays precisely in Lens that has not managed to get back in Ligue 1, and has a rating of 3 million. AC Milan took a pause for thought even if it has to be careful because it signaled the very real interest of Juventus who followed him in recent months, so can a derby market.

In recent days we had anticipated: attention to the American tour. Overlapping matches, friendly matches, transfers can seriously undermine the certainties of the pre-season conditioning throughout the season. Examples of AC Milan and Inter have made ​​history, or rather frightening, those departures slowly put doubts in the head of the technical staff Juventus. Worth the risk of ruining the season for a couple of million? Evidently not, Antonio Conte is thinking about it and is convincing in the cancellation. Avoid the trip to America, to rationalize the calendar, push hard in July and August to be ready to make one trip to China. Unfortunately, the final decision of the League to play in the East has altered the plans Bianconeri. For the future the experience will be useful, better to ask De Laurentiis, the next time before you arrange a transfer, if not Count, the rate will change, and rightly so all programs.

Inginkan Cavani, Juventus Harus Siapkan 70 Juta Euro
Keberadaan penyerang papan atas jadi kebutuhan mendesak Juventus pada bursa transfer musim panas ini. Pilihan I Bianconeri pun jatuh pada striker Napoli, Edinson Cavani.

Tuttosport sempat melaporkan ketertarikan Juventus kepada Cavani. Uang senilai 40 juta euro diyakini akan memuluskan transfer sang pemain ke Turin.

Presiden Napoli Aurelio De Laurentis pun tak menutup pintu negosiasi dengan Juventus. Hanya saja, banderol yang ditetapkan Napoli untuk sang pemain lebih besar dari jumlah yang diberitakan media.

"Orang mengatakan bahwa saya berminat menjual Cavani. Tentu saja, jika mereka membawa uang tunai minimal 70 juta euro," ujar De Laurentis seperti dilansir Football Italia .

Cavani sendiri tengah menjalani negosiasi perpanjangan kontrak dengan Napoli. Pemain asal Uruguay ini mendapat tawaran kontrak hingga 2016 dengan bayaran 4 juta euro per tahun.

Bronzetti predicts Juve era
FIFA agent and transfer expert Ernesto Bronzetti tells Juventus to “hurry up” for Robin Van Persie and predicts a new winning era in Turin.

“This will be the start of a winning era for Juventus. The other top clubs should prepare themselves to fight for second and third place, because for a while it’ll be all Juve,” Bronzetti told Tuttosport.

“Trust me, Juve are destined to dominate for the next few days. They are the club with the best organisation who are truly prepared for the future. They have a stadium that is beginning to provide income, put their hands on the best young players, have solid foundations, a great Coach and directors up to the task.

“The way I see it, this side is even stronger than it was under Antonio Giraudo and Luciano Moggi.”

This week Kwadwo Asamoah and Mauricio Isla underwent medicals to complete the moves from Udinese, while there is also a striker on the horizon.

“Juventus need a great hitman and whether it’s Van Persie, Luis Suarez or Gonzalo Higuain, the competition will be fierce.

“The Bianconeri have to get their timing right. If they hurry up, then they can anticipate Manchester City, who need to sell before they can buy. The sheiks are rich, but not stupid, as they’ve seen what happens with too many forwards in the squad.”

Arsenal star Van Persie has been the hot favourite for the role, but Bronzetti suggests Higuain should be considered too.

“I’d advise Juventus to keep an eye on Higuain. Jose Mourinho doesn’t want to let him go from Real Madrid, but it depends on what the lad thinks and the club strategy.

“The Spanish clubs have to face up to the economic crisis in their country. If Juve pushed a little more, they might realise Higuain isn’t really off the market. Of course it takes more money, but Higuain is four years younger than Van Persie and earns half his wages...”


Juve and Lazio on Blaszczykowski
Juventus are shopping at Euro 2012 and entering a bidding war with Lazio over Polish international Jakub Blaszczykowski.

The Borussia Dortmund midfielder impressed during the hosts’ brief European Championship campaign and was viewed from the stands by Coach Antonio Conte.

According to the Corriere dello Sport, Juve are keeping a close eye on Blaszczykowski and are lining up a proposal.

However, they face stern competition from Lazio, who reportedly got into negotiations earlier in the summer.

He can play wide right in a 4-3-3 trident and if Blaszczykowski were to arrive, it’s believed Simone Pepe could leave Turin.

Juve and Lazio aren’t the only ones interested in Blaszczykowski, as he is also tracked by Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham.


Isla thanks Udinese for Juve
Mauricio Isla has effectively sealed his transfer to Juventus by sending a message to Udinese on Twitter.

“Thank you Udine for five wonderful years,” wrote the Chilean winger.

“Thanks to you I am able to play for one of the biggest clubs in Italy. It was a pleasure playing with you.”

Isla is set to complete his transfer along with teammate Kwadwo Asamoah on Monday.

Both players underwent medicals in Turin this week.


ITALY/ JUVENTUS, Also Bayern after Felipe Melo
According to Tuttosport, Bayern Munich have offered 8 million euros to Juventus to obtain 28 year old midfielder Felipe Melo, also tracked by Corinthians and Spartak Moscow

JUVENTUS, Marotta: "Verratti is joining, no contacts with Cavani"
Intervied by Sky Sport, Juventus General Manager Giuseppe Marotta has declared: "We are seeking some players suitable to our group, not prrimadonnas but players that will establish a strong relation with their teammates. Verratti? He is a very important player and we are in great terms wiyj Pescara, so we are in talks trying to find a solution. If we are trying to bring Giovinco back to Turin? All I can say is that we have heard about an attempt by Inter for the player, but he is con-ownership between us and Parma, so it's even against the rules if a third club tries tries to sign the player. In any case we are in good terms with Parma and we are sure that we will fond a solution. A meeting with De Laurentiis for Cavani?We have talkes with Napoli only during the Tim Cup finals, and we have not talked about Cavani or the transfer market in general".

ITALY/ JUVENTUS, Eyes on Wanyama
In addition to Chelsea, also Juventus, according to, are keen on Celtic 21 year old midfielder Victor Wanyama.