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MAROTTA Sky: "The dynamics of Berbatov is normal, we contacted the agent after she refused to Fiorentina. Ready to pursue other opportunities in the last two days. Upon Bendtner and Llorente ..."

he Juventus general manager Beppe Marotta, is intervening in these minutes to Sky Sports. is transcribed in full and in real time what he said:

The story of Berbatov outlines almost science fiction. There seemed to be an agreement with the United instead goes to Fulham ...
"Well .. for me they are many years that I have in this world, things are quite normal, are typical dynamics of football, especially in recent days that are characterized by a more particular effervescence. I have to say the truth that we are approached Berbatov to Manchester United and more specifically when around 17 in the afternoon we learned that the player would not accept the proposal of Fiorentina and so I personally contacted the CEO of Manchester, who told me that those who were given the demands by the company, then we contacted the agent of the player, and through him we learned that Berbatov had an offer, a proposal to Fulham, where there is his former coach. But the agent would still have also evaluated our proposal and would give us a definitive answer in the evening. The only final answer is here. motivation was clear that he wants to stay in London for family matters and therefore we are amazed at this refusal, which is not really a waste, but simply almost a way of life. "

Berbatov was flying to Italy. He made a technical stop in Monaco. Meanwhile came your offer. The player has mocked the Fiorentina first and then you. It is not normal to do at an airport in Monaco ....
"Yes, those are our information, he was at Monaco because his wife is in Monaco and was there for other reasons. Then for Fiorentina, as I said before, we are made out only and exclusively when we learned that he was not going to Fiorentina. We have contacted the company and the player in the afternoon. We were waiting for a reply to be able to deepen later from the point of view of the contract is with him that any agreement with the company. "

La Fiorentina speaks of daring operations of other companies. He wants to answer?
"If other companies are thought to Juventus, surely send him back to the sender. If you are referring to other companies, see Fulham, I do not know, there are situations in which I enter. Surely we have acted with the utmost transparency and fairness, because we contacted the vendor company with which we maintain good relations and when we had the approval from the company, we contacted the attorney of the player. So this seems to me a very proper behavior on the part of Juventus. We have been informed by both the company Manchester both entourage of the player in the meantime there was a proposal by the Fulham, as indeed I think it is customary when a player is on the market. Evidently there are several possibilities, alternatives, and then the player who is most at assignor to assess opportunities and choose the most suited to its will. "

The idea aberbatov when he came?
"It 's coming in the day when we learned that Manchester had put on the market and especially would not go to Fiorentina."

Who told you that he was not going to Fiorentina?
"Now if you want to do an investigation, let's do as well ... I have nothing to hide. I with the CEO of Manchester say I have a relationship of knowledge. Tomorrow as you know we are the draw of the Champions League in Monaco, we with them we have defined the acquisition of Pogba and then for different reasons I learned of this willingness to sell Berbatov of Manchester, I learned directly by CEO David Gill, so we automatically operated what is an international standard, ie a comparison in our society between the various components and when we shared a certain strategy, we expressed to the company and to the player. E 'a normal practice in a company that operates in a transparent manner. "

What kind Berbatov is this? He had never seen one that does something like that ...
"From what I heard I Monaco is the place of residence of his wife, so he was there for family reasons, I do not think to stop. Otherwise, in these final periods of football, players often transfer object are then taken by choices that then fail to define in fast time: there are thoughts, comparisons with wives and girlfriends bring them to stall One moment. then if we refer to his past, I do not have in-depth knowledge on aspects of character, so I do not venture to make any judgments. Our assessments were those to take advantage of an opportunity that presented itself of a player who militated for years in an exemplary society such as Manchester, so it remained there for many years, it means that he knew what it means to be professionals. then I do not know if that time in Lecce has not signed a contract with Lecce to go to Bayer Leverkusen ... are situations that are not able to evaluate. "

Now the question is who takes the Juve ...
"We always start from those considerations that we made at the beginning of the market. Our goal was to improve the quality always with an approach that would take into account what are the opportunities in the market, in accordance with what has been the Our business plan presented last year. It 'clear that we took the opportunities as those Asamoah, Isla, because there was the availability of the seller to sit down at a table, then those negotiations have been defined quickly. We did many polls with so many players, but there were always problems that can not objectively define the operation. however, I want to emphasize, as we are a group that has become a successful model in the end, he won one Scudetto, the Italian Super Cup and therefore deserves special attention from the critics, however, in the sense that we have players who are able to respond to those who are dating and the season we're going to face a very important season. always remains the fact that in these two days we will be ready to grasp opportunities, but the opportunities that must be pushing up the level of quality. "

Bendtner can be one of these opportunities or not?
"Well .. it's a player on the market, is a player available. E 'was and is the subject of our evaluation, but from here to say we're going to define it passes ...".

It depends on whether the assessment was positive, neutral or negative ...
"Honestly, it does not seem fair to the boy and society take a more in-depth. Know it is available."

Maybe in numbers can serve another striker ...
"There is also a component imponderable that is lucky in the sense that if the injuries are not numerous and conditioning of what the activity is, of course, the pink enough. Then it is clear that if there are injuries, trauma, this will be a we can not expect that today and I can not evaluate. We are careful to monitor the opportunities that present themselves. If they are important opportunities, we will try to define, otherwise we will go on like this. "

Llorente will still be a Juventus player, now or next year? Recall that the contract expiring in 2013 ...
"No, I will still be a player we absolutely not. Too, because there is a regulation that must be respected. Yet there is also a truth which is that of a player who is so far out of contract in 2013., It is notable situations that are attractive to the company, in any event being a high level player. "

Therefore remains a goal for Juventus for the next year?
"You may remain in the sense that for him the same holds true for Berbatov. We evaluate an interesting player at the right time, when the regulations allow, we will make a survey and if you have everything you need, we're going to call it or not. Now it is premature to assume anything. "

Llorente now?
"For the last few days, I think the utopian idea to have him with us. Whether its president rightly intends to rely on a clause that was defined with the player, which was defined on the basis of 36 million in the case of signing of the new contract, I think it is really unrealistic. "
Afraid to have compromised the ability to deal with Fiorentina Jovetic in the future? Or think to clarify the situation?
"We do not have much to clarify, as I said before we have acted with the utmost honesty and transparency, in a context in which, as I said before, these are the dynamics. Player go on a different society. We have not disturbed Fiorentina and as I learned you seem to me that the plane had already been determined in the morning, when we were not involved in this matter. Relationships are good, they are good between the two presidents, Andrea Agnelli and Andrea Della Valle, so I think this situation Berbatov should not be any way to affect those who are good relations between the companies. then What will be in the market, I can not say today, because we do not really even know us. "

What should we respond to all Juventus fans who ask us who buy Juve?
"What Juve has a pink competitive for those who are our programs. But the answer would be: what is to buy the players we have seen? I think this is the analysis more precise and careful."


Bendtner in Italy for Juventus
Italian champions Juventus are on the verge of signing Arsenal’s Niklas Bendtner, according to Sky Sport Italia.

The Old Lady have turned their attention to the Danish international after failing to net Robin Van Persie and Dimitar Berbatov.

Manchester United beat the Old Lady to Arsenal’s Van Persie, while the Bulgarian last night snubbed Juve – and Fiorentina – in favour of Fulham.

Reports suggest that the 24-year-old, who was also wanted by Fiorentina and Siena, has already touched down in Milan.

The forward joined Arsenal in 2004 after impressing in the KB youth ranks. He spent the 2006-07 campaign on loan at Birmingham, while he was with Sunderland last term.

Bendtner played for his country at Euro 2012.


Juve: 'Bendtner medical tomorrow'

“Nicklas Bendtner will undergo a medical tomorrow,” confirmed Juventus director general Beppe Marotta, who also criticised “unprofessional” Dimitar Berbatov.

There were reports today that a deal had been struck with Arsenal for the Danish international striker, which Marotta confirmed this evening.

“Bendtner is already in Italy and will undergo a medical tomorrow,” the dg told Sky Sport Italia.

“Until the final paperwork is concluded, I will not say that the player is ours. That became clear yesterday...”

The reference was to Berbatov, who in one afternoon agreed transfers to Fiorentina, Juventus and eventually Fulham.

“We reiterate that we only approached Manchester United and the player after we were informed he had already turned down Fiorentina. Perhaps he forgot to tell Fiorentina that.

“Berbatov certainly did not make a good impression on anyone and it was an unprofessional way to behave, so we agree with Fiorentina that it’s best he didn’t come here.”

Marotta also commented on today’s Champions League draw, which pits Juventus against Chelsea, Shakhtar Donetsk and Danish newcomers FC Nordsjaelland.

“Are we happy with the draw? We are above all happy to be back in the Champions League, at a level that fits the prestige of the club.”